About us

We have been active since 1991 and continue to fulfill the demands of providing professional translations in the Polish market. Translation and interpretation is our main area of focus.


We employ a team of experienced translators and proofreaders who ensure the high quality of all of our translations. We work with a team of experienced translators who, apart from their linguistic education, are qualified in other specializations. Our translators are constantly updating and refining their skills by participating in various courses and trainings. We have our own development program dedicated to translators as well, Akademia Tłumacza (The Translator?s Academy).

We also employ a team of experienced coordinators, who provide  comprehensive services through the whole translation process.

Our record of success with several thousands of translated pages and our team of trusted translators, proofreaders, and coordinators clearly demonstrates that we are logistically and substantively prepared for any kind of challenge, which we eagerly welcome.

Grażyna Szyke
Założyciel Agencji

Bartosz Szyke

Barbara Waśkiewicz

Marzena Retmaniak


Lingua Nova Translation Office provides professional and friendly service, including the ability to adapt to our specific needs. All translations are of the highest quality and are always completed on time, and because of these qualities we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Lingua Nova and all produced translations.
Bartłomiej Wachta
Lingua Nova Translation Office has been providing translations services to our company since 2000. They have completed both regular and sworn specialized translations for us in the medical, economic, financial, accounting and tax, as well as marketing sectors. From the beginning of our cooperation with Lingua Nova, we could and can continuously count on the fact that the services provided are completed in a professional, diligent, and punctual manner.
Janusz Szafraniec, MSc
Prezes Zarządu ERBE Polska Sp.z.o.o
We are satisfied with the services provided by the Lingua Nova Translation Office in the field of specialized translations: management, nuclear power, safety culture and legal regulations. Lingua Nova Translation Office provides very good customer service and high-quality translations in a timely manner.
Monika Kaczyńska
Advisor to the CEO ? Coordinator at the National Atomic Energy Agency
„Our cooperation includes the translations of texts […] mainly related to finance and insurance. […] Lingua Nova is commendable due to the high quality and expertise demonstrated in all of their translations.”
Sławomir Pękala
Dyrektor Kredyt Menadżer Spółki, Provimi Polska Sp. z o.o.
„Every time we had an urgent and unexpected order, Lingua Nova provided their services in a thorough and timely manner. We consider Lingua Nova to be a trustworthy partner and recommend them to anyone who values expertise and service of the highest quality.”
Agnieszka Buczyńska
CEO, Laboratorium Corneal
mLeasing Sp.z.o.with headquarters in Warsaw would like to recommend Lingua Nova Translation Office as it has proven to be a reliable contractor, providing high-quality translations mainly in transport sector in a professional and recommendable manner.
Marek Kowalski
Director of the Monitoring and Debt Recovery Department
We have continually used Lingua Nova Translation Office services for many years, commissioning both regular and sworn translations of various documents such as contracts, customer offers and specific IT texts. Lingua Nova Translation Office has also carried out the translation of our website. Choosing Lingua Nova was the right decision and we will continue to use their services. We recommend Lingua Nova Translation Office as a professional and trustworthy partner.
Marcin Szawłowski
CEO of Nomacom Group Sp. z.o.o
Lingua Nova provides both sworn and regular translations for companies from our Capital Group. These are mainly accounting and tax translations, including financial statements and tax opinions translated from Polish into Russian and English. All entrusted orders are carried out with due diligence and in a timely manner.
Marta Zając
Board Office Manager at 1C ENTERTAIMENT S.A.
The law firm of Attorney-at-Law Dariusz Okolski has been utilizing the services of the Lingua Nova Translation Office since 2007. The company provides written and oral, regular and sworn translations mainly in the legal, banking and economic sectors. All translations, regardless of their difficulty and complexity, have always been done to the highest standards and in a timely manner. We highly value cooperation with Lingua Nova and we can recommend it as a reliable partner distinguished by great commitment, flexibility and friendly service.
Dariusz Okolski